Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Get a FlatBox

Depending on where you are in the country, the current weather might feel like a blessing from the heavens after the last few months. This has been a pretty nasty winter for a lot of people. 2019’s Polar Vortex hit many cities hard, and in a lot of regions, it’s still freezing! With that being said, things are looking up. Spring has officially arrived, the sun will start showing its face more, and before we know it, the weather will be warm, pleasant and wonderful.

This is the time of the year where it’s good to start making preparations for the following seasons. Spring is the prelude to summer, and you don’t want to spend that valuable time cleaning, dealing with health issues, or cooped up inside!

As it turns out, this makes spring a perfect season for new lunch box shopping, and of course, we’d be remiss not to throw our own neoprene lunch bag into the running. FlatBox is a lunch bag that will serve you and your children faithfully for years, protecting them from germs, allergens, and being extremely easy to wash due to its machine-friendly components!

Here are some reasons why it’s the perfect time to get your own FlatBox if you haven’t yet ordered one.

Getting the Most Out of Spring Cleaning

While there’s no official rule that says you need to do a comprehensive deep clean when spring hits, it’s tradition for many businesses and families to use the spring months as an opportunity to do just that. “Spring cleaning” is a term that’s known by pretty much everyone, even if they don’t practice it, and most people have their own interpretations of what it entails.

We see spring cleaning as an opportunity to clear out the excess in your life. While a thorough deep clean of the house is definitely a good idea, it also creates the perfect context for you to reorganize, get rid of old junk, and consider better alternatives to items that are no longer giving you value.
Do you have an archaic lunch box that you or your children have been using for years now? In your spring cleaning regimen, this will likely be on your list. After all, you do want your lunch bag to be clean, and they can get pretty nasty if they go days, weeks, months, or (heaven forbid) years without a good scrubbing job.

Maybe this year you can change the formula. Your lunch box has seen enough use. You’ve cleaned it too many times. You don’t want to run it under the sink and scrub it down anymore. Why not just spring for a new one? FlatBox is machine-washable, making it an easy and viable option for continuous cleaning. Maybe, just maybe, it’s time to be out with the old and in with the new!

Spring Season Is Allergy Hell

If you’re reading this, you may be among the lucky few who won the genetic lottery of not having any discernible allergies. But for the rest of us, they can be annoying and frustrating, and at no point during the year are they worse than in spring and summer!

Of course, everyone has different allergies, so it’s not like spring is going to be a whole lot worse for you if you’re allergic to, say, cat dander. But seasonal allergies are extremely common among the general populace, and millions of people start sniffling and sneezing when the flowers begin to bloom.

If you want to avoid allergen exposure during your meals, there’s no better option than the FlatBox.

The reasons for this are twofold:

* Machine Washable: First off, the FlatBox is 100% machine washable, as we mentioned above. In other words, FlatBox is just easier to clean on a regular basis. You could throw it in the wash in between every single use if you wanted, and the neoprene material, along with the comprehensive wash that machines provide, ensure that it comes out of the wash brand new. On average, FlatBoxes tend to be more clean than other alternatives, limiting the amount of germs and allergens that could stow away with your lunch.

* Instant Placemat: In theory, FlatBox isn’t strictly cleaner than any other lunch box if they’ve both been completely washed beforehand. However, FlatBox does have one edge over other competitors in terms of cleanliness, and that is its placemat functionality. FlatBox can instantly unzip into a square-shaped placemat, allowing a clean space for you to lay out your food. The alternatives are keeping your food in the bag, which is inconvenient, or placing it on the ground or table, which is a quick path to germs.

Warm Seasons Need Cold Lunch Bags

Another great reason to pick up a FlatBox during the spring season is because it’s a great lunch box to have if you want to insulate your food! FlatBox is a good insulator on its own, and we also sell special products that will help to keep your food cool.

FlatBox is effective at insulating your food because of its neoprene material, which has three layers of insulation that help to keep your food cold (or warm) depending on your needs.

Still not convinced? If you want a guarantee that your food will stay nice and cool, you can also pick up our special ice packs, which are specifically designed to work with FlatBox. These cold little tiles fit perfectly into a FlatBox and will ensure that the sun doesn’t have its way with your cold lunch.

Spring Is a Time of Bright Colors

Okay, so this reason is a little bit more superficial than the last few, but when you think of Spring, what’s one of the first things that comes to mind? For most people, it’s flowers! And flowers, of course, are ripe with beautiful, bright colors. What better way to embrace the spring than to become colorful and lively yourself? It’s time to cast away that bleak black lunch box you’ve been using, and go to school or work with something truly vibrant.

If this is right up your alley, you’re in luck — FlatBox has several different color combinations that are right at home with the Spring season,

Do you want a bold Cyan that’s accented with bright pink? What about a magenta and lime green combination that evokes the look of watermelon? We have plenty of options for you to choose from! Not only that, but FlatBox comes in four different distinct styles, each one having its own unique purpose. You can choose between color, size, width, and even opt for a FlatBox that has its own drink holder.

FlatBox: A Neoprene Lunch Bag All Seasons

While we love sitting here and talking about all the reasons why FlatBox is perfect for spring, the reality is that it’s a great lunch box at all times of the year! Because of its endless reusability, and its ability to be rewashed so easily, FlatBox is a lunch bag that will last you for years and years to come. Are you ready to own the coolest lunch box around? Ready to eat in a nice, lovely, germ-free space every day? Browse our selection of FlatBox products, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions!

3 Annoying Aspects of Hand-Washing Lunch Boxes

Having a quality lunch box sure is great, isn’t it? It allows you to eat a healthy and delicious meal, day after day, shielding you from the tyranny of overpriced junk food that your peers may be eating on a daily basis. But lunch boxes aren’t always so rosy — they come with their own share of problems, and one of those problems, for normal lunch boxes, is the matter of washing.

Hand washing lunch bags, for lack of better words, can be a total pain in the butt! That’s why we designed FlatBox to be completely machine washable. When you think of all the annoying little aspects that go into hand-cleaning normal lunch boxes, it’s easy to see why this was a priority when we designed our neoprene lunch bag. By using FlatBox, you won’t have to worry about these things:

Sticky, Sticky, Sticky

If you’ve already begun building your own mental list of lunch box washing annoyances, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if this was the first one that came to mind — on a good day, everything in your lunch box stays nice and put, resulting in a lovely, clean dining experience. On a bad day, something leaks or spills, and in the majority of cases, this results in stickiness. Gross.

Cleaning sticky gunk is such a hassle. It doesn’t come off without a fuss, it’s icky when it makes contact with your skin, and you often have to sacrifice a rag or sponge to the laundry afterward if you’re not using paper towels. But if your FlatBox is sticky? No worries — toss that sucker into your washing machine and you’re good to go!

Used Lunchboxes Smell Weird

If you’ve washed a lot of lunch bags by hand, then you already know what we’re talking about. You probably smelled it as you read the description. You know — that pungent “lunchbox smell” which is quite indescribable, and not in a good way. It’s the smell that’s a culmination of days, weeks, or months’ worth of toting food around on the daily. It’s the Frankenstein’s monster of food smells — and no matter how hard you try to get rid of it, it doesn’t go away completely. Yuck.

Are you sick of it? FlatBox is once again here to save the day. By frequently machine-washing your lunch bag, you’ll kill odors before they have a chance to build up.

Weird Shapes Make Scrubbing Difficult

Another annoying aspect of traditional lunch bags is that their unorthodox shapes often make cleaning into an exercise of frustration. There are countless lunch box shapes under the sun — triangular bags, igloo-shaped containers, weird folding devices, and more. Sometimes, getting into the little corners and pockets of various lunch boxes takes an astonishing amount of work — especially if there’s junk lodged within. And you can’t just ignore it, because then you’re only contributing to the dreadful smell mentioned above.

While FlatBox’s shape is anything but conventional, it can fully unzip into a completely flat placemat, which can be thrown into your washing machine just like a normal towel or linen. This flattened shape makes washing easy — even if you don’t want to use a machine!

FlatBox – The Washable Neoprene Lunch Bag

With FlatBox, we’ve tried to make the best lunch box on the market. Not only is it easy to use, easy to store, and the best option for germ-free eating, it’s also machine-washable friendly, saving you from all those annoying little pesky troubles you’d normally run into hand-washing a traditional bag. Our neoprene lunch bag will look (and smell) just lovely if you’re consistently washing it, and you’ll have the assurance that you don’t have germs stowing away in your lunch.

Are you ready to order a FlatBox? Whether it’s for you, your child, or your whole family, we know you’ll love it. We offer several different varieties of FlatBox based on your unique needs — browse our selection today!

Why FlatBox is a Cool Lunch Box to Take to School

In our boring, humdrum adult lives, many of us have forgotten the pure exhilaration of sporting a cool lunch box. Back in the good ol’ days of grade school, you defined yourself with all kinds of style choices and accessories. Your lunchbox said a lot about you — were you simple and elegant, or did you prefer the luxury lifestyle? Did you like showing off your favorite color, or your favorite cartoon? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

If you’ve graduated to parenthood, you now have the power to endow your child with a cool lunch box of their own. But much like the Fortnite dances kids do these days, the YouTubers they follow, and the toy fads that fade in and out as quickly as fidget spinners, you might not have the same tastes that young children have in 2019. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the features that will make for the coolest lunch bag in school:


So, it’s not like other kids will be looking at your son or daughter and be thinking, “wow, they’re so cool, they have an insulated lunch box! I wish I was like them!” But, it’s important to remember that we’re in 2019 now, and in 2019, being healthy is cool.

Natural ingredients are in! Junk food is out! Being healthy is all the rage now, and even if other kids at school don’t think it, you know the truth — you know how bad your metabolism will start to wreck you later in life, so you want to do them a favor by packing nutritious lunches.

One of the best ways to ensure that your child will actually eat the healthy food you pack for them is if it tastes fresh. Temperature has a lot to do with this; if food is meant to taste cold or hot, it’s best to keep it in that state instead of eating it lukewarm.

A lunch bag such as the FlatBox is perfect for kids in school because it has insulating properties which will be sure to keep the food how you want it, potentially preventing your kid from bumming off their cafeteria-shopping classmates.

Solid Colors

We know your kid loves Fortnite. They all do. Or is it Pokemon? Wait, no, Marvel movies are all the rage now, right?

Look, let’s face it — kids change their tastes faster than the weather changes. Sure, you could consider getting them a sweet lunch box that’s branded with their favorite movie, video game, or TV show, but are you really doing them any favors? The day will inevitably come when they come to school with a lunchbox sporting something that’s just not “in” anymore. The shame! The horror!

Going with licensed lunch box is high-risk, high-reward. Sure, you’re the coolest savant in the world when you’re packing an Infinity War lunchbox, but that cool factor will drop off a cliff once the sequel comes out and renders it obsolete and totally lame.

But here’s the truth — good ol’ fashioned colors never go out of style. Consider getting a FlatBox lunch bag for your kid, which have elegant simplicity, containing just two colors each. From an aesthetic standpoint, these neoprene lunch bags will be in style for far longer than other ones that are plastered with superheroes, Jedi, zombies, and wizards.


If you want to regale your child at night with stories about your amazing Arctic Zone lunch box you had in school that had its own dedicated container on the bottom for sandwiches, save it — you’re just going to put them to sleep. You know what’s cool these days? Features! Gadgets! Gizmos!

Lunchboxes shan’t merely be used to just hold lunch now. You’d better hope they can charge your electronics, sing to you, do your homework for you, or any other manner of deluxe features. This is 2019, after all — we’re in the future, so we need futuristic lunch bags.

In terms of cool, features, we’d be remiss not to mention our magnum opus of lunch bag design — the FlatBox, which can fully convert into a placemat in seconds! The Flatbox zips up on four sides to make a practical neoprene lunch bag which can store a sizeable portion of food. When you’re ready to dine, you unzip and you’ve got a nice, square-shaped mat to eat on, allowing you to eat anywhere you want.

At school, this will no doubt elevate your child to cool city. Where all the other schmucks are limited to eating on tables, your kid’s FlatBox will allow them to eat anywhere they want. How exclusive! How intriguing! They will, of course, be the talk of the town.


You know what’s also cool? Not getting sick, or purposely exposing yourself to allergies. This, once again, isn’t really a factor that most of your child’s peers will be looking for, but it’s important nonetheless. This especially true if your child has severe allergies — it’s a rule of thumb that living is generally preferable and much more cool than dying.

We’ve got good news and good news. The good news is that our FlatBox neoprene lunch bags are the most germ-free option on the market, due to their ability to be machine-washed in between every use. And the good news is that they’re affordable, easy to use, and stocked with the other positively cool features on this list.

If you’ve ever hand washed a lunch box before, you know it can be a pain. Bags and boxes are awkward to scrub, and when icky sticky gunk gets caught in the corners and seams, it’s an exercise in frustration to get it all out.

All you need to do to wash the FlatBox is to toss it into the wash. Furthermore, it provides a healthy eating space when your child is actually eating, due to its placemat capability. Is that cool, or is it cool?

Light and Collapsible

You know why you don’t see metal rectangular lunch boxes anymore, like the ones your grandparents used to use when they weren’t walking uphill both ways to school with hot potatoes in their pockets? It’s because carrying around a metal box everywhere you go isn’t very fun or practical, especially when it’s empty for half the day.

We’re in the future! Form factor is in. We need everything to be as foldable, portable, thin, and unintrusive as possible. As it turns out, there’s no better candidate for this then — you guessed it — the FlatBox. Our lunch bags are made of a neoprene material which is lightweight, flexible, and foldable. Its soft form makes it more damage resistant, and when your child is done with lunch, they can easily fold it up and throw it in their backpack, instead of lugging around a heft container that they may or may not forget at the bus stop.

FlatBox – The Coolest Lunch Box Around

And there you have it — we’ve given you the bona fide recipe for uninhibited coolness. There’s no better lunch box for your child to bring to school than the FlatBox, which is why we invite you to browse our selection today!

We have several models of FlatBox lunch bags available. Whether you want our classic model, the larger Plus version, the wide Bento container, or the Drinx version which has a handy bottle holder, you’re bound to find something that’s perfect for your kid. Get your Flatbox today and give your son or daughter a one-way ticket to cool town.

Why FlatBox is a Perfect Picnic Bag

Everyone needs to experience a perfect picnic at least once in their lives. For many people, going outside and enjoying their meal in the cool shade and radiant sunlight is a common destressing activity. For others, it might be an activity that’s seldom-performed or done as a novelty on a date.

One thing that can be frustrating about picnics is the storage situation. You want to keep all your food secure, and either warm or cold depending on its nature. But food isn’t all you need — ideally, you’ll also want a surface to eat on, utensils, and some drinks. Most lunchboxes don’t accommodate all this very well, and you’ll most likely end up having to bring a backpack to hold it all.

However, that’s no longer the case — our patented lunch bag, the FlatBox, has been making waves in the media lately, being praised as the lunch box that really can do everything. In fact, the Flat Box is arguably the best possible picnic bag you can find. Let’s look at a few reasons why:

The FlatBox Can Convert Into a Sizable Placemat


Though our FlatBox products have many unique benefits, the biggest and most unique of them all is the placemat functionality, which you’ll get with any model of FlatBox. This is the defining feature of our unique neoprene lunch bags, and once you get used to it, you’ll never want to use a different container again.

Converting your FlatBox into a placemat is easy, and takes only seconds. All you have to do is unzip each of the four sides, and it will turn into a placemat right before your eyes!

There are, of course, plenty of advantages to having a placemat while you eat.

  • Avoid Germs and Allergies: Eating without a plate or mat is like inviting germs to come dine with you. Unless you’re holding your food the whole time, you’ll have to put it down somewhere. This means you have to keep everything in tupperware or baggies, and sometimes they don’t play well with the terrain you’re sitting on. This also leaves them open to bugs who might want a delicious bite of whatever you’re eating.
  • Having a Shared Space: Packing plates is not only awkward, it kind of defeats the purpose of having a picnic. Not entirely, but there’s definitely something that’s lost in translation when you’re not able to keep your food in a shared space. The FlatBox provides a 17- by 17-inch dining area, or 20- by 20- inch space if you opt for the FlatBox Plus!
  • Easier Storage: Yes, bringing plates or a blanket is a viable option for picnics, but they both have their drawbacks. Plates are awkward in a backpack or container, and risk being damaged if they’re mishandled, while a blanket or sheet takes up a lot of space in whatever you’re packing. Because the FlatBox is a placemat and a lunch bag combined together, you waste no storage space in packing.

The FlatBox is Machine Washable


This is the other great perk of our FlatBox product line. Each and every one of them is completely machine-washable, allowing you to clean your neoprene lunch bag as much as you want.

Washing a lunchbox can be an exercise in frustration. Many of them are peculiarly shaped, making it difficult to scrub the corners if something inside happens to spill. There’s nothing worse than an accident happening in your lunch bag and feeling its sticky residue every time you take food out of it.

Even if washing a normal lunch bag is easy, it’s sure not very fun and with time being one of our most valuable commodities, why take several minutes scrubbing down a lunch box if you can just toss it in the wash?

Anyone who is a parent can surely relate to the tedium of having to constantly wash a lunch bag. Children aren’t always the most sanitary little people, and their childlike carelessness can cause them to unintentionally create messes in their lunch boxes. This is just a natural aspect of childhood, but we definitely welcome an easier way to clean if it’s available!

On top of making the cleaning process easier, a machine-washable lunch bag also has the benefit of being completely allergen-free every time it’s used. If you’ve thrown it in the wash, you don’t have to worry about leftover bacteria, microscopic allergens, or any other irritants that could be lingering in a lunch bag. You can guarantee yourself cleanliness and if you have food allergies, you’ll know of how much of a boon this is.

The FlatBox is Flexible and Lightweight


Another great advantage to the FlatBox is its neoprene material. This makes it especially ideal for picnics because it leaves you with a virtually weightless container after all is said and done.

The neoprene material of the FlatBox can be easily folded, so if you no longer have any contents to store inside of it, you’ll barely notice its presence. Even if you choose not to fold it, the material is so lightweight that it’s not a burden at all to carry around. This opens up your opportunities for traveling with your FlatBox.

Wherever there is a picnic, there is more than likely a park or other nature surrounding it. What good is a picnic if you can’t stick around to enjoy the beauty? Unfortunately, this is a tiresome task if you’ve brought one of those novelty picnic baskets. It’s cute, yes, but awkward to carry and certainly not practical to hold while you’re hiking around nature.

It’s not the end of the world if you have to carry around a large container, but why face the possibility if you have the option of packing something that’s lighter, easier to use, and more effective?

The FlatBox Gives You Options


Finally, the best thing about the FlatBox is that it has multiple varieties, and you can choose one which appeals the most to you!

  • FlatBox: The standard FlatBox is our original product, and is exceedingly simple and elegant in design. It holds a good-sized lunch and unfolds into a 17- by 17-inch placemat.
  • FlatBox Plus: The FlatBox Plus is like the original, only it holds more food! We don’t have to tell you why this would be great for picnic purposes — it all but ensures that you’ll have more than enough space for a yummy meal for two.
  • FlatBox Bento: The FlatBox Bento is similar to the original model, only it takes a different shape in its lunchbox form, being more stout and wide, as opposed to taller and narrow like the normal FlatBox. This is great if you need more horizontal packing space.
  • FlatBox DrinX: If we had to vote for the best candidate for “perfect picnic bag,” the FlatBox DrinX would be it. This one unfolds into a 20- by 20-inch placemat just like the FlatBox Plus, but it also has the added benefit of including a drink holder. This means you not only get the extra packing space, but you can also bring your favorite drink in a bottle without having to hold it the whole time or stuff it inside the lunch bag! That’s what we like to call a “win-win” situation.

Order a FlatBox Picnic Bag Today


No matter how you look at it, you have something to gain by getting a FlatBox. If you frequently go on picnics, you’ll have a better, easier-to-use container than whatever you’ve been using. If you don’t go on picnics, well, now you’ll have a reason to!

We have several different FlatBox models in an assortment of various colors, so we know you’ll be able to find one that’s to your taste. Whether you’re a working adult or sending your child to school with a cool lunchbox, the Flatbox is perfect for anyone. Order yours today!

5 People You Could Gift a Flatbox to This Christmas

Halloween is officially over, and with that being said, we are now in the throes of holiday shopping season. While the end of Thanksgiving is what kicks off the shopping season for most, it’s never too early to start planning gifts for the ones you love. And you know what could potentially be an amazing gift for a certain someone in your life? A Flatbox.

Flatbox is the only patented machine-washable lunch bag which also doubles as a placemat! Indeed, if you’re looking for a cool lunchbox for someone you know, you need not look further than our product. Our neoprene lunch bag product is designed to be both exceptionally useful and easy to clean — something that’s important due to the high amounts of germ content in traditional lunch boxes.

Not sure of who would benefit from a Flatbox in your life? Here are some potential giftee ideas.

Who to Give a Flatbox to This Christmas

Your Kids

Okay, we won’t deny it — there’s about a 98.96% chance that your kid would rather get some cool toy instead of a lunchbox for Christmas. But then again, most kids don’t get just one gift for Christmas, right? Maybe, in addition to that LEGO set or Barbie doll you buy them, you can give them something that will be useful in their day-to-day life!

Every child needs a cool lunchbox for school, which makes Flatbox a perfect choice. Our Flatbox products are not only brightly designed with vivid colors, they also zip up into a unique shape, are easy to transport, and can double as a placemat. And, of course, they’re also completely washable, which is no doubt useful, since most kids don’t exactly have a great track record of being perfectly clean eaters.

Want to make your kid especially excited this Christmas? Give them a Flatbox as their gift, and then put one of their favorite toys inside — you’ll be doing your parental duty by giving your child something that’s useful and necessary, and their new toy will be all the more satisfying when it’s preceded by something more “boring” like a lunchbox.

Young Parents

With that being said, we’ve established that Flatbox products are pretty useful for kids. So here’s another strategy — instead of gifting one straight to a kid who might be anticipating something far more exciting, consider gifting one to any young parents you might know.

Anyone who has been a parent can testify to the fact that relief is always welcome when offered. Grade school kids can be quite a riot, and anything that can make the lives of either parent or child is always appreciated.

By gifting a Flatbox to your young parent friends, you’re basically saying “I’m trying to make things easier for you guys.” After all, a quality neoprene lunch bag can go a long way — it’s something that kids take to school every single day, so you want to invest in something that lasts.

Your Friend With Food Sensitivities

While many people scoff at the words “gluten-free,” seeing it as nothing more than a dietary fad, the truth is that there are a lot of people out there who have severe food sensitivities or allergies. Yes, a lot of people exaggerate sensitivities or even make them up, but cross-contamination is nonetheless a real threat to those it actually affects.

We had these people in mind when we designed the Flatbox. Indeed, our lunch bags are allergy-friendly, given that they are completely machine-washable. This is useful for many reasons — first off, if anyone else uses the lunch bag for themselves, it can be washed to avoid the risk of cross contamination.

Secondly, the Flatbox can convert into a placemat anywhere, anytime. That means someone with food allergies can use it at any moment to place their food on while they eat. For those with particularly serious sensitivities, it can be nice having a portable placemat that’s guaranteed to be allergy-free.

The Adorable Couple

Do you have those two friends that are just adorable together? Annoyingly adorable? Well, here’s the good news — you can make their relationship even more precious by gifting them a Flatbox.

“Wait, what’s so romantic about a lunch bag?” A good question. And we have the answer — Flatbox is perfect as a picnic bag!
There are many “picnic kits” and baskets that are sold online, and while it’s cute to have an old-fashioned basket to pack your stuff in, the truth is that, after you’ve done it once, you kind of just want something that’s more convenient.

The Flatbox avoids all of the unnecessary novelties; it’s a simple, functional, easy-to-transport lunch bag which also unfolds into a placemat. This gives you everything you need — a cute lunch bag which can hold a meal for two, and a handy-dandy placemat. After they get home from their picnic, they can toss it in the wash and do it again! If you really want some good picnic real-estate, go for the Flatbox Plus!

Your Working Spouse

Finally, let’s not forget the value that a Flatbox can have for the average everyday working adult. Going out for lunch every day can be costly (and unhealthy) and so, if anyone wants to maintain their health in the long-term, it’s pretty much essential to have a reliable lunch bag.

Why not get your spouse the Drinx Flatbox, which comes with a water bottle holder? The advantage of this is threefold — it’s a reliable lunchbox for your partner, it can stow their water bottle (which can help stave the temptation for soda consumption), and it can act as a placemat, avoiding the necessity of eating on a germ-filled desk!

Order a Flatbox Today

Regardless of who you’re ordering for, anybody can benefit from having a Flatbox — even yourself! Want a reliable neoprene lunch bag that is functional, washable, and effective at keeping your food hot or cool? You need not look further than our unique, patented product.

Many famous news outlets have buzzed about Flatbox because it’s just that good! Folks on The Sun, the Chicago Tribune, Allergic Living, and more have testified of how useful it is. Order yours today!