What Are…Today’s Problems?

  • We have become a “Germ-Aware Society”

  • Dealing with Food Allergies has become the norm for millions of people

  • Concern over “HEALTH and WELLNESS” is becoming a Way of Life

  • Over 20 million people have food allergies in North America

  • This is a 250% increase in the past 5 years and this number continues to grow rapidly


Good Morning America INVESTIGATES: 100% of traditional lunch bags were deemed Unhealthy

The Solution is FlatBox!

The only patented machine-washable lunch box that doubles as a placemat.

Just unzip the lunch box and watch it turn into a placemat within seconds, creating a germ-free eating surface. Made from Neoprene–a synthetic rubber–FlatBox can be tossed in your machine to kill germs, bacteria, and allergens that exist on regular lunch boxes.

FlatBox LunchBox: carries your lunch, not the germs!