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The Placemat That
Packs a Lunch!

The only patented machine-washable lunch box that doubles as a placemat.

Just unzip the lunch box and watch it turn into a placemat within seconds, creating a germ-free eating surface. Made from Neoprene–a synthetic rubber–FlatBox can be tossed in your machine to kill 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and allergens that exist on regular lunch boxes.

FlatBox LunchBox: carries your lunch, not the germs!

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Lunchbox Investigation

*As seen on ABC News, Good Morning America


of traditional lunch boxes tested contained harmful bacteria and are deemed "UNHEALTHY."

Magnifying glass with bacteria


of traditional lunch boxes
tested contained mold.*

"Some lunch boxes had as much bacteria as
you would expect to find in a train station toilet."

Susan Whitter, PHD Toilet

Why People Love FlatBox

Washing Machine

Machine Washable

FlatBox is a 100% machine-washable neoprene lunch box. It's quick and easy to clean - just pop it in the washing machine and hang it to dry. Because traditional lunch boxes can’t be cleaned properly, they accumulate hazardous bacteria. Washing your FlatBox kills bacteria that may be hiding in your lunch box, which can lead to foodborne illness.


Germ/Bacteria Free

Washing your FlatBox will eliminate 99.9% of harmful germs, bacteria and food allergens. Now your lunch can be packed in a clean, healthy environment which is also perfect for those with food allergy concerns.


Turns Into a Placemat

FlatBox patented design allows you to easily convert the lunch box into a placemat. The steps are easy. Just unzip the four sides and immediately create a clean eating surface for your food. The award‑winning design creates a safe, clean space to eat lunch anywhere, anytime.

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FlatBox is the perfect lunch box for people with food allergies. Because it converts into a placemat, & is machine washable, it provides a clean, safe, allergen-free surface - anywhere - for those with food allergies.


Heavily Insulated

FlatBox ensures your food stays fresh and tasty. With three layers of insulation, FlatBox keeps food warm or cold, depending on your needs. Take FlatBox everywhere you go for food that isn’t just fresh, but germ-free.



Stop using plastic bags to pack your lunch. Instead, use FlatBox. The multi-purpose lunch box is PVC and BPA-free. It is also durable, easy to clean, lightweight, and long-lasting. These lunch boxes are made from neoprene–a synthetic rubber–to provide extra durability for school, work, or travel.

FlatBox Lunchbox




The FlatBox Collection

What Others Think

  • I own and ONLY use FlatBox for our children's lunches. I highly recommend FlatBox to all my clients and friends!

    Cheri Estevez

    Registered Nurse, Food Allergy Consultant, and mother
  • FlatBox is much more durable than any other lunch box we've had (I have 3 boys). I love these lunch boxes!

    Kelly Ballew

  • With my three-year-old daughter’s food allergies, we use FlatBox to ensure her food doesn't touch the preschool lunch table, and I love that it's machine washable!


    Father of children with allergies
  • You can carry your lunch and not worry about the table you are eating at! This is my favorite purchase of the year!


    Mother of children with allergies
  • Holds plenty for adult lunch, looks good, zips closes easily & keeps your lunch from being on dirty tables. Love, love, love this lunch bag!!


  • I love that I can wash it in the washing machine! I could never get other lunch boxes clean enough.


  • These lunch boxes are AWESOME!! They’re the perfect size to pack plenty of food for my son…they really are fantastic!

    James Marie

  • This lunch box packs easier than the old, standard, square lunch bag. The zippers glide easily and it stores nicely, since I can lay it flat. I love this lunch bag.


What The Media Has To Say

Local 10 News Logo

Local 10 News

A fifth-grade teacher believes she has built a lunchbox that keeps students’ food away from lunch table germs.

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WGN Radio

Host:Lou Manfredini “This one is really neat! Whether you are a child or an adult this will make packing a lunch clean, fun and waste free.”

Allergic Living Logo


Finding a safe surface for eating while on the go can be a big challenge when you’re managing food allergies or celiac disease. Flatbox, an ingenious option, does double duty – an insulated lunch bag that unzips to a placemat perfect for people on the go.

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Jo Frost @Jo_Frost..

Flat-Box – Love using them! Easy to clean, easy for travel, easy to pack for vacations!!
Jo-Frost-gold-seal of approval

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Desks: Dirtier than toilet seats

Before you eat lunch at your keyboard, consider this: The average desk has 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. The last time you wiped down your desk and shook crumbs from your keyboard was — yep, a year ago. That’s not good news if you’re one of the 83 percent of Americans who eat at their desks, according to a recent survey – desks and all the surfaces can get pretty funky.

The Sun Logo

The Sun

According to the study commissioned by the makers of e-cloth, one in five lunchboxes contained Staphylococci – bacteria that tends to reside in the body – but which can cause serious cases of food poisoning if ingested in food.


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