Why FlatBox is a Perfect Picnic Bag


Everyone needs to experience a perfect picnic at least once in their lives. For many people, going outside and enjoying their meal in the cool shade and radiant sunlight is a common destressing activity. For others, it might be an activity that’s seldom-performed or done as a novelty on a date.

One thing that can be frustrating about picnics is the storage situation. You want to keep all your food secure, and either warm or cold depending on its nature. But food isn’t all you need — ideally, you’ll also want a surface to eat on, utensils, and some drinks. Most lunchboxes don’t accommodate all this very well, and you’ll most likely end up having to bring a backpack to hold it all.

However, that’s no longer the case — our patented lunch bag, the FlatBox, has been making waves in the media lately, being praised as the lunch box that really can do everything. In fact, the Flat Box is arguably the best possible picnic bag you can find. Let’s look at a few reasons why:

The FlatBox Can Convert Into a Sizable Placemat


Though our FlatBox products have many unique benefits, the biggest and most unique of them all is the placemat functionality, which you’ll get with any model of FlatBox. This is the defining feature of our unique neoprene lunch bags, and once you get used to it, you’ll never want to use a different container again.

Converting your FlatBox into a placemat is easy, and takes only seconds. All you have to do is unzip each of the four sides, and it will turn into a placemat right before your eyes!

There are, of course, plenty of advantages to having a placemat while you eat.

  • Avoid Germs and Allergies: Eating without a plate or mat is like inviting germs to come dine with you. Unless you’re holding your food the whole time, you’ll have to put it down somewhere. This means you have to keep everything in tupperware or baggies, and sometimes they don’t play well with the terrain you’re sitting on. This also leaves them open to bugs who might want a delicious bite of whatever you’re eating.
  • Having a Shared Space: Packing plates is not only awkward, it kind of defeats the purpose of having a picnic. Not entirely, but there’s definitely something that’s lost in translation when you’re not able to keep your food in a shared space. The FlatBox provides a 17- by 17-inch dining area, or 20- by 20- inch space if you opt for the FlatBox Plus!
  • Easier Storage: Yes, bringing plates or a blanket is a viable option for picnics, but they both have their drawbacks. Plates are awkward in a backpack or container, and risk being damaged if they’re mishandled, while a blanket or sheet takes up a lot of space in whatever you’re packing. Because the FlatBox is a placemat and a lunch bag combined together, you waste no storage space in packing.

The FlatBox is Machine Washable


This is the other great perk of our FlatBox product line. Each and every one of them is completely machine-washable, allowing you to clean your neoprene lunch bag as much as you want.

Washing a lunchbox can be an exercise in frustration. Many of them are peculiarly shaped, making it difficult to scrub the corners if something inside happens to spill. There’s nothing worse than an accident happening in your lunch bag and feeling its sticky residue every time you take food out of it.

Even if washing a normal lunch bag is easy, it’s sure not very fun and with time being one of our most valuable commodities, why take several minutes scrubbing down a lunch box if you can just toss it in the wash?

Anyone who is a parent can surely relate to the tedium of having to constantly wash a lunch bag. Children aren’t always the most sanitary little people, and their childlike carelessness can cause them to unintentionally create messes in their lunch boxes. This is just a natural aspect of childhood, but we definitely welcome an easier way to clean if it’s available!

On top of making the cleaning process easier, a machine-washable lunch bag also has the benefit of being completely allergen-free every time it’s used. If you’ve thrown it in the wash, you don’t have to worry about leftover bacteria, microscopic allergens, or any other irritants that could be lingering in a lunch bag. You can guarantee yourself cleanliness and if you have food allergies, you’ll know of how much of a boon this is.

The FlatBox is Flexible and Lightweight


Another great advantage to the FlatBox is its neoprene material. This makes it especially ideal for picnics because it leaves you with a virtually weightless container after all is said and done.

The neoprene material of the FlatBox can be easily folded, so if you no longer have any contents to store inside of it, you’ll barely notice its presence. Even if you choose not to fold it, the material is so lightweight that it’s not a burden at all to carry around. This opens up your opportunities for traveling with your FlatBox.

Wherever there is a picnic, there is more than likely a park or other nature surrounding it. What good is a picnic if you can’t stick around to enjoy the beauty? Unfortunately, this is a tiresome task if you’ve brought one of those novelty picnic baskets. It’s cute, yes, but awkward to carry and certainly not practical to hold while you’re hiking around nature.

It’s not the end of the world if you have to carry around a large container, but why face the possibility if you have the option of packing something that’s lighter, easier to use, and more effective?

The FlatBox Gives You Options


Finally, the best thing about the FlatBox is that it has multiple varieties, and you can choose one which appeals the most to you!

  • FlatBox: The standard FlatBox is our original product, and is exceedingly simple and elegant in design. It holds a good-sized lunch and unfolds into a 17- by 17-inch placemat.
  • FlatBox Plus: The FlatBox Plus is like the original, only it holds more food! We don’t have to tell you why this would be great for picnic purposes — it all but ensures that you’ll have more than enough space for a yummy meal for two.
  • FlatBox Bento: The FlatBox Bento is similar to the original model, only it takes a different shape in its lunchbox form, being more stout and wide, as opposed to taller and narrow like the normal FlatBox. This is great if you need more horizontal packing space.
  • FlatBox DrinX: If we had to vote for the best candidate for “perfect picnic bag,” the FlatBox DrinX would be it. This one unfolds into a 20- by 20-inch placemat just like the FlatBox Plus, but it also has the added benefit of including a drink holder. This means you not only get the extra packing space, but you can also bring your favorite drink in a bottle without having to hold it the whole time or stuff it inside the lunch bag! That’s what we like to call a “win-win” situation.

Order a FlatBox Picnic Bag Today


No matter how you look at it, you have something to gain by getting a FlatBox. If you frequently go on picnics, you’ll have a better, easier-to-use container than whatever you’ve been using. If you don’t go on picnics, well, now you’ll have a reason to!

We have several different FlatBox models in an assortment of various colors, so we know you’ll be able to find one that’s to your taste. Whether you’re a working adult or sending your child to school with a cool lunchbox, the Flatbox is perfect for anyone. Order yours today!