Why FlatBox is a Cool Lunch Box to Take to School


In our boring, humdrum adult lives, many of us have forgotten the pure exhilaration of sporting a cool lunch box. Back in the good ol’ days of grade school, you defined yourself with all kinds of style choices and accessories. Your lunchbox said a lot about you — were you simple and elegant, or did you prefer the luxury lifestyle? Did you like showing off your favorite color, or your favorite cartoon? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

If you’ve graduated to parenthood, you now have the power to endow your child with a cool lunch box of their own. But much like the Fortnite dances kids do these days, the YouTubers they follow, and the toy fads that fade in and out as quickly as fidget spinners, you might not have the same tastes that young children have in 2019. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the features that will make for the coolest lunch bag in school:


So, it’s not like other kids will be looking at your son or daughter and be thinking, “wow, they’re so cool, they have an insulated lunch box! I wish I was like them!” But, it’s important to remember that we’re in 2019 now, and in 2019, being healthy is cool.

Natural ingredients are in! Junk food is out! Being healthy is all the rage now, and even if other kids at school don’t think it, you know the truth — you know how bad your metabolism will start to wreck you later in life, so you want to do them a favor by packing nutritious lunches.

One of the best ways to ensure that your child will actually eat the healthy food you pack for them is if it tastes fresh. Temperature has a lot to do with this; if food is meant to taste cold or hot, it’s best to keep it in that state instead of eating it lukewarm.

A lunch bag such as the FlatBox is perfect for kids in school because it has insulating properties which will be sure to keep the food how you want it, potentially preventing your kid from bumming off their cafeteria-shopping classmates.

Solid Colors

We know your kid loves Fortnite. They all do. Or is it Pokemon? Wait, no, Marvel movies are all the rage now, right?

Look, let’s face it — kids change their tastes faster than the weather changes. Sure, you could consider getting them a sweet lunch box that’s branded with their favorite movie, video game, or TV show, but are you really doing them any favors? The day will inevitably come when they come to school with a lunchbox sporting something that’s just not “in” anymore. The shame! The horror!

Going with licensed lunch box is high-risk, high-reward. Sure, you’re the coolest savant in the world when you’re packing an Infinity War lunchbox, but that cool factor will drop off a cliff once the sequel comes out and renders it obsolete and totally lame.

But here’s the truth — good ol’ fashioned colors never go out of style. Consider getting a FlatBox lunch bag for your kid, which have elegant simplicity, containing just two colors each. From an aesthetic standpoint, these neoprene lunch bags will be in style for far longer than other ones that are plastered with superheroes, Jedi, zombies, and wizards.


If you want to regale your child at night with stories about your amazing Arctic Zone lunch box you had in school that had its own dedicated container on the bottom for sandwiches, save it — you’re just going to put them to sleep. You know what’s cool these days? Features! Gadgets! Gizmos!

Lunchboxes shan’t merely be used to just hold lunch now. You’d better hope they can charge your electronics, sing to you, do your homework for you, or any other manner of deluxe features. This is 2019, after all — we’re in the future, so we need futuristic lunch bags.

In terms of cool, features, we’d be remiss not to mention our magnum opus of lunch bag design — the FlatBox, which can fully convert into a placemat in seconds! The Flatbox zips up on four sides to make a practical neoprene lunch bag which can store a sizeable portion of food. When you’re ready to dine, you unzip and you’ve got a nice, square-shaped mat to eat on, allowing you to eat anywhere you want.

At school, this will no doubt elevate your child to cool city. Where all the other schmucks are limited to eating on tables, your kid’s FlatBox will allow them to eat anywhere they want. How exclusive! How intriguing! They will, of course, be the talk of the town.


You know what’s also cool? Not getting sick, or purposely exposing yourself to allergies. This, once again, isn’t really a factor that most of your child’s peers will be looking for, but it’s important nonetheless. This especially true if your child has severe allergies — it’s a rule of thumb that living is generally preferable and much more cool than dying.

We’ve got good news and good news. The good news is that our FlatBox neoprene lunch bags are the most germ-free option on the market, due to their ability to be machine-washed in between every use. And the good news is that they’re affordable, easy to use, and stocked with the other positively cool features on this list.

If you’ve ever hand washed a lunch box before, you know it can be a pain. Bags and boxes are awkward to scrub, and when icky sticky gunk gets caught in the corners and seams, it’s an exercise in frustration to get it all out.

All you need to do to wash the FlatBox is to toss it into the wash. Furthermore, it provides a healthy eating space when your child is actually eating, due to its placemat capability. Is that cool, or is it cool?

Light and Collapsible

You know why you don’t see metal rectangular lunch boxes anymore, like the ones your grandparents used to use when they weren’t walking uphill both ways to school with hot potatoes in their pockets? It’s because carrying around a metal box everywhere you go isn’t very fun or practical, especially when it’s empty for half the day.

We’re in the future! Form factor is in. We need everything to be as foldable, portable, thin, and unintrusive as possible. As it turns out, there’s no better candidate for this then — you guessed it — the FlatBox. Our lunch bags are made of a neoprene material which is lightweight, flexible, and foldable. Its soft form makes it more damage resistant, and when your child is done with lunch, they can easily fold it up and throw it in their backpack, instead of lugging around a heft container that they may or may not forget at the bus stop.

FlatBox – The Coolest Lunch Box Around

And there you have it — we’ve given you the bona fide recipe for uninhibited coolness. There’s no better lunch box for your child to bring to school than the FlatBox, which is why we invite you to browse our selection today!

We have several models of FlatBox lunch bags available. Whether you want our classic model, the larger Plus version, the wide Bento container, or the Drinx version which has a handy bottle holder, you’re bound to find something that’s perfect for your kid. Get your Flatbox today and give your son or daughter a one-way ticket to cool town.