Machine Washable

Unzips To Placemat

Germ Free

Allergy Safe

Heavily Insulated



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If you like to pack a big lunch and have a nice space to eat it in, the Flatbox Plus is perfect for you!




  • This neoprene bag is 100% washable, allowing you to eliminate 99.9% of germs between every meal without the hassle of hand-cleaning.
  • The Flatbox Plus can fit a sizable lunch and unfold into a 20” x 20” allergy-free placemat.
  • Worried about your food staying hot or cold? No problem — the Flatbox Plus has three layers of insulation.


Need a reliable, reusable lunch box to take to work each day? Does your child need a cool lunch bag to bring to school? Are you looking for a handy picnic bag? That Flatbox Plus is your answer. This patented lunchbox is not only machine washable, it can also unzip into a large placemat — anytime, anywhere! You’ll always be able to eat your food on a nice clean surface with the Flatbox Plus.




  • Colors: Black and Blue
  • Made of 100% Washable Neoprene Material
  • Unzips to a 20” x 20” Placemat


Other Color Options:

Buy some ice packs to go with your Flatbox!

What Others Think

  • I own and ONLY use FlatBox for our children's lunches. I highly recommend FlatBox to all my clients and friends!

    Cheri Estevez

    Registered Nurse, Food Allergy Consultant, and mother
  • FlatBox is much more durable than any other lunch box we've had (I have 3 boys). I love these lunch boxes!

    Kelly Ballew

  • With my three-year-old daughter’s food allergies, we use FlatBox to ensure her food doesn't touch the preschool lunch table, and I love that it's machine washable!


    Father of children with allergies
  • You can carry your lunch and not worry about the table you are eating at! This is my favorite purchase of the year!


    Mother of children with allergies
  • Holds plenty for adult lunch, looks good, zips closes easily & keeps your lunch from being on dirty tables. Love, love, love this lunch bag!!


  • I love that I can wash it in the washing machine! I could never get other lunch boxes clean enough.


  • These lunch boxes are AWESOME!! They’re the perfect size to pack plenty of food for my son…they really are fantastic!

    James Marie

  • This lunch box packs easier than the old, standard, square lunch bag. The zippers glide easily and it stores nicely, since I can lay it flat. I love this lunch bag.