5 Reasons to Pack Your Own Lunch for Work or School


While childhood and adulthood is wildly different in most aspects, they do have one thing in common — both children and adults must make a decision on whether to pack their lunch or eat at the cafeteria. Granted, in the case of children, it’s usually the parent that decides, but the fact remains that it’s a choice that must be made.

While we’re becoming more health-conscious as a society and cafeterias are starting to become more diverse in their offerings, it’s important to understand what you can gain by packing a lunch, whether it yours, your child’s, or both.

We’re firm believers in the benefits of a healthy diet, which is one of the reasons why we made FlatBox, the best machine-washable lunch box on the market, as well as the most germ- and allergy-free! Here are some reasons to order a FlatBox today and start packing your own lunch:

It’s Cheaper

Yeah, you’ve probably heard it before, everyone has — but once you’ve got it down, preparing your own food ends up being a lot cheaper than buying it at restaurants or cafeterias. Many people have a hard time believing this. Yes, it’s easy to save money when you’re buying cheap food like boxed mac and cheese, but a lot of people look at the price or organic produce and healthy ingredients and balk — it seems like it’s so expensive to eat healthy!

In reality, these fears are unfounded. With a reasonable meal prep plan, the cost of all the ingredients together ultimately creates a lot more meals for a lot less. The biggest reason why home meal prep ends up being more expensive for people is that they often end up buying ingredients they don’t end up using, or excessive amounts of produce which spoils before it’s used. The trick is finding out your rhythm with meal prep and only buying ingredients you know you’ll be using.

It’s Healthier

This, of course, is relative, because your packed lunch is only as healthy as you want it to be. So it’s probably better wording to say “it can be healthier.” With that being said, if health is, in fact, your main priority, you’ll be a lot better off bringing your own lunch.

Like we mentioned above, many cafeterias are innovating and pushing towards more healthy options, but it’s not exactly something you can count on. While some cafeterias have a nice budget to work with and are starting to offer quality ingredients and well-balanced meals, there are just as many others that are still serving pizza slices, microwave chicken patties, and soda. We don’t have to tell you why these options aren’t exactly the most health-conscious.

Healthiness is especially important to consider when you’re packing lunch for your kids, because it’s practically the only way to ensure that they’ll eat reasonably well. Let’s assume your kid’s school has a forward-thinking cafeteria that serves quality meals. Well, even if they do, they probably didn’t just stop serving the unhealthy stuff too, so you can bet there will still be pizza and chocolate milk. If your child has money to spend and free reign over what they choose, do you think they’ll go for salad, or pizza? You probably already know the answer.

It Allows You to Stick With a Diet

As our knowledge of dieting and nutrition becomes more expansive, there are all kinds of different diets that people have adopted. Some of these are temporary commitments in an effort to lose weight, while others are permanent lifestyles.

While the phrase “gluten-free” has become somewhat of a controversial buzzword to describe “tryhard” dieters, that doesn’t change the fact that there are many people who actually can’t eat gluten. This is an easy example to point out, but there are many others. Some people have to be careful in what they eat, whether it’s because of allergies, food sensitivities, or other conditions such as diabetes.

If you want to commit to a diet, good luck doing so on cafeteria food. Your options are limited and the potential for cross-contamination is quite high. If you pack your lunch in a FlatBox, you have full control over what you’re eating, and it can unzip into a nice, germ-free placemat to ensure that your eating space isn’t contaminated with any allergens! If your child has specific dietary needs, it’s even more important to stay vigilant about packing, because they may lack the self-discipline or knowledge to avoid foods that they shouldn’t be eating.

It Builds Good Habits

There’s no way around it — preparing your own lunch is a fantastic habit to form, which will serve you well in the long-term. Adults who pack their lunches are far more likely to be health-conscious in later years, as they have already overcome the mental hurdle of setting aside time for food prep. For many adults who never formed meal prep habits, it seems like an intimidating and time-consuming task. This, of course, leads them to easier and quicker alternatives, such as microwave food or restaurants. Unfortunately, choosing those options almost invariably leads to poor nutrition.

Developing a habit of preparing your own food will be a boon to you your whole life, but it can also be positive for your children. If your child is eating junk food every day, it may not impact them severely due to their turbocharged metabolism. But, eventually, real life will catch up to them, their metabolism will slow down, and decades of junk-food consumption will hit their body like a truck. As a parent, you’re partially responsible if you’ve only been feeding them subpar food.

If you’re packing your kid’s lunch, they may not be forming the habit of food prep themselves, but they will form the habit of eating quality food. This is something that will serve them well. In their teenage years where they have more agency, they will be more likely to be open to healthy eating, and if they carry that into adulthood, you’ve done well as a parent. There’s nothing more important than our health!

It’s Safer

A big concern of many parents or working adults in these days is food sensitivity. A lot of people have severe allergies and they have to be very attentive of what they eat. When it comes to children, it’s paramount to be proactive about their food because they might not know what foods to avoid.

Suppose your child has celiac, or perhaps a severe peanut butter allergy. Even if they go out of their way to get gluten-free foods at their school cafeteria, there’s no guarantee that they’re avoiding cross contamination. They might also have no idea if certain meals actually have gluten in them. They could unknowingly eat sauces or fries that are gluten-rich because their ingredients aren’t “obvious,” and this is also true for other allergies like peanuts.

Luckily, FlatBox neoprene lunch bags are specifically designed to be safe for people with food sensitivities. FlatBox avoids the possibilities of allergens entirely — it unzips into a square placemat, creating a germ-free environment to eat. If you’re packing safe food, you can all but guarantee that you or your child will be eating within their body’s boundaries.

FlatBox – A Cool Lunch Box For School and Work

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