5 People You Could Gift a FlatBox to This Christmas


Halloween is officially over, and with that being said, we are now in the throes of holiday shopping season. While the end of Thanksgiving is what kicks off the shopping season for most, it’s never too early to start planning gifts for the ones you love. And you know what could potentially be an amazing gift for a certain someone in your life? A Flatbox.

Flatbox is the only patented machine-washable lunch bag which also doubles as a placemat! Indeed, if you’re looking for a cool lunchbox for someone you know, you need not look further than our product. Our neoprene lunch bag product is designed to be both exceptionally useful and easy to clean — something that’s important due to the high amounts of germ content in traditional lunch boxes.

Not sure of who would benefit from a Flatbox in your life? Here are some potential giftee ideas.

Who to Give a Flatbox to This Christmas

Your Kids

Okay, we won’t deny it — there’s about a 98.96% chance that your kid would rather get some cool toy instead of a lunchbox for Christmas. But then again, most kids don’t get just one gift for Christmas, right? Maybe, in addition to that LEGO set or Barbie doll you buy them, you can give them something that will be useful in their day-to-day life!

Every child needs a cool lunchbox for school, which makes Flatbox a perfect choice. Our Flatbox products are not only brightly designed with vivid colors, they also zip up into a unique shape, are easy to transport, and can double as a placemat. And, of course, they’re also completely washable, which is no doubt useful, since most kids don’t exactly have a great track record of being perfectly clean eaters.

Want to make your kid especially excited this Christmas? Give them a Flatbox as their gift, and then put one of their favorite toys inside — you’ll be doing your parental duty by giving your child something that’s useful and necessary, and their new toy will be all the more satisfying when it’s preceded by something more “boring” like a lunchbox.

Young Parents

With that being said, we’ve established that Flatbox products are pretty useful for kids. So here’s another strategy — instead of gifting one straight to a kid who might be anticipating something far more exciting, consider gifting one to any young parents you might know.

Anyone who has been a parent can testify to the fact that relief is always welcome when offered. Grade school kids can be quite a riot, and anything that can make the lives of either parent or child is always appreciated.

By gifting a Flatbox to your young parent friends, you’re basically saying “I’m trying to make things easier for you guys.” After all, a quality neoprene lunch bag can go a long way — it’s something that kids take to school every single day, so you want to invest in something that lasts.

Your Friend With Food Sensitivities

While many people scoff at the words “gluten-free,” seeing it as nothing more than a dietary fad, the truth is that there are a lot of people out there who have severe food sensitivities or allergies. Yes, a lot of people exaggerate sensitivities or even make them up, but cross-contamination is nonetheless a real threat to those it actually affects.

We had these people in mind when we designed the Flatbox. Indeed, our lunch bags are allergy-friendly, given that they are completely machine-washable. This is useful for many reasons — first off, if anyone else uses the lunch bag for themselves, it can be washed to avoid the risk of cross contamination.

Secondly, the Flatbox can convert into a placemat anywhere, anytime. That means someone with food allergies can use it at any moment to place their food on while they eat. For those with particularly serious sensitivities, it can be nice having a portable placemat that’s guaranteed to be allergy-free.

The Adorable Couple

Do you have those two friends that are just adorable together? Annoyingly adorable? Well, here’s the good news — you can make their relationship even more precious by gifting them a Flatbox.

“Wait, what’s so romantic about a lunch bag?” A good question. And we have the answer — Flatbox is perfect as a picnic bag!
There are many “picnic kits” and baskets that are sold online, and while it’s cute to have an old-fashioned basket to pack your stuff in, the truth is that, after you’ve done it once, you kind of just want something that’s more convenient.

The Flatbox avoids all of the unnecessary novelties; it’s a simple, functional, easy-to-transport lunch bag which also unfolds into a placemat. This gives you everything you need — a cute lunch bag which can hold a meal for two, and a handy-dandy placemat. After they get home from their picnic, they can toss it in the wash and do it again! If you really want some good picnic real-estate, go for the Flatbox Plus!

Your Working Spouse

Finally, let’s not forget the value that a Flatbox can have for the average everyday working adult. Going out for lunch every day can be costly (and unhealthy) and so, if anyone wants to maintain their health in the long-term, it’s pretty much essential to have a reliable lunch bag.

Why not get your spouse the Drinx Flatbox, which comes with a water bottle holder? The advantage of this is threefold — it’s a reliable lunchbox for your partner, it can stow their water bottle (which can help stave the temptation for soda consumption), and it can act as a placemat, avoiding the necessity of eating on a germ-filled desk!

Order a Flatbox Today

Regardless of who you’re ordering for, anybody can benefit from having a Flatbox — even yourself! Want a reliable neoprene lunch bag that is functional, washable, and effective at keeping your food hot or cool? You need not look further than our unique, patented product.

Many famous news outlets have buzzed about Flatbox because it’s just that good! Folks on The Sun, the Chicago Tribune, Allergic Living, and more have testified of how useful it is. Order yours today!